President Blames “Manufacturing Defect” for Vaccine Shortage

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In a state full of elderly voters concerned about the lack of flu vaccine, President Bush Tuesday tried to allay fears about shortages that he says were caused by a “major manufacturing defect.”

Bush said the government has millions of vaccine doses on hand for the most vulnerable Americans.

The president also said the federal government is working with Florida's attorney general to make sure that anybody who tries to gouge the seniors of this state when it comes to flu vaccines is going to be held to account.

On his 14th trip to Florida this year, Bush also tried to calm those military families in the area with a pledge not to reinstate the draft.

With two of his brothers at his side, Marvin Bush and Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, the president and his campaign bus caravan rolled through west-central Florida along the Interstate 4 corridor with stops in St. Petersburg and New Port Richey, which are both in counties Bush lost in 2000.

The I-4 corridor, a key battleground area, stretches across Florida's midsection from Tampa Bay on the Gulf of Mexico through Orlando to the Atlantic Coast city of Daytona Beach.