Future Voters in Thomas County

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New technology allowed state leaders to reach out to youngsters just in time for Kids Voting. A small percentage of the nation's population isn’t quite old enough to vote yet, but some kids are no strangers to politics.

Leigh Abera, a fifth grade student, says, "My mom is a big Democrat and dad is a big Republican and we watch the debate and I watch them argue over who did the best and who's going to win."

Tuesday's Kids Voting kickoff aimed to get more students interested in politics at an early age. State leaders joined about 800 kids from southwest Georgia in a live video teleconference, informing kids about their role as future voters.

Karen Smith, the Thomas County director of Kids Vote, says, "They were able to hear them express their feelings about kids voting, the voting process, the importance of voting and being an informed voter."

So what did the kids get out this? It did bore some pre-schoolers, but others were all ears.

Caroline Buechner, a 12th grader at TCCHS, says, "I'm very excited about voting my first year because I just turned 18 and the year I turned 18 is the year of the presidential election."

Leigh adds, "I love politics. This made it way more exciting because now I get to be involved and not just watch from the sidelines."

Come November 2 these kids’ votes may not count in real life, but Kids Vote officials hope to foster informed adults for the future as it lies in their hands.

About 14 schools from Thomas and Colquitt County participated in the video teleconference. On November 2 kids will head to the polls with their parents to vote.