Science Curriculum Online Assistance

FAMU has developed an online health curriculum that will target diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Reports show type 2 diabetes is on the rise among children.

Tuesday, a plan to change that in Leon County was announced.

Merry Ortega with Leon County schools says, “We all know textbooks when they come into our schools brand new they are already outdated, especially in the area of science.”

With help from FAMU, Leon County middle school science classrooms will soon have access to an online curriculum aimed at teaching kids about diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Kirksey Otis, a FAMU pharmacy professor, says, “So to really bring about awareness of the disease and all the conditions associated with the disease, there’s a very close relationship between diabetes and cardiovascular disease.”

Michelle Gayle, the Griffin Middle School principal, says, “This is where the foundation is formed. If they can get healthy habits now they won't have to deal with obesity and things we have to and hopefully it won't be a part of their healthy future.”

With health disparities evident, FAMU leaders believe this up to date, reliable information will also benefit the entire minority community.

Dr. Fred Gainous, FAMU president, says, “Children go home and tell their parents, and parents feel the need to take action, regardless if it’s seat belts or smoking, children have played a significant role there.”

This project was made possible through a grant from the United Negro College Fund.