Pink Protestors Try to Oust Florida's Secretary of State

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The group “Code Pink” sites problems with the purged voter list, inadequate early voting facilities as proof Hood is partial to Republican politics.

In 2000, Secretary of State Katherine Harris was vilified for her role in certifying George Bush as the winner. Now, a coalition of groups is saying Harris' replacement, former Orlando Mayor Glenda Hood, is no better.

Andrea Buffa, organizer, says, “The use of a flawed felon list, the rejection of registrations for minor mistakes and a no recount rule for touch screens has given these protesters the impression Hood is helping the GOP.”

Colleen Washington feels like she is the victim of racist Jim Crow laws all over again.

Hood says she is surprised by the level of anger and questions why protesters have waited until the eve of the election to complain.

The protesters brought their pink slips inside and demanded to see Hood. By the time they were in she was gone. Hood says she has no plans of quitting, but if there is a repeat of 2000, that may not be her decision.