Going Ballistic?

Taylor County residents are split down the middle on the proposed missile testing site in their backyard. The issue is clearly a political hot button.

Tom Facer, a Taylor County resident, says, "I'm against it, not because of the missile range itself, but because it doesn't benefit Taylor County.”

Tom Facer has lived in Taylor County for seven years and has never seen such a sensitive issue in the county.

Tom says, "You get a lot of objections about it because of environmental concerns. I would be concerned about the jet noise if I lived in those areas."

Robert Herbst is indifferent on the proposal, but thinks the military isn't out to do harm.

Robert says, "As an ex-military I know that the military has to fire our missiles somewhere and they have to land somewhere, and I'm sure that our government would not fire anything on this town that would drop poisonous chemicals on us."

Some residents fear the test site could mean exposure to toxic chemicals and a drop in their property values.

Robert adds, "I'm sure they thought this thing through very carefully and they're not going to drop chemicals on us that we know of."