Cream of the Crop

Sam Walker is on the hunt for new equipment for his tobacco fields and he knew just where to find it.

Sam says, “To have this stuff in one area at one time is something that you need to take advantage of."

And many farmers from all over the world are doing just that. While local farmers are still working hard to salvage crops from the recent storms, they say making time for the expo is very important to their livelihoods.

Chip Blalock, the expo director, says, "We're right in the heart of harvest season, which means some of them may have to take a break from cotton and peanut harvest, but they know if they come out they'll see something that will improve their bottom line in the form of technology."

So do south Georgia farmers have the upper hand because the latest and greatest advancements in farming are right next door? Well, maybe not.

Joe Boddiford, Jr., a farmer, says, "One disadvantage farmers from Moultrie have is that we should all be at home and in the field today."

Nevertheless, not even farmers can escape the world of change.

"You really need to stay abreast and stay on top of what is changing."