Net Gain?

A picture of the late Virgil Robison is plastered across the chests of his fellow fishermen, a bold statement designed to demonstrate how fishing net rules are killing off fishermen by taking away their constitutional rights.

Ronald Crum says, "Do I say the Fish and Wildlife Commission shortened the life of Virgil? I say yes!”

Friends say Virgil suffered heart attacks from a 10-year-old legal battle that has forced commercial fishermen off the water.

Van Lewis, a fisherman, says, "They're forcing us to catch and kill baby fish not legal to eat to sell, to use for crab bait.”

He's talking about juvenile mullet that are getting caught in the two-inch mesh nets FWC officials are enforcing.

Henry Cabbage, FWC spokesman, says, "Any net will kill some fish. It's not the issue."

The issue Fish and Wildlife says is to manage Florida's fisheries.

Henry Cabbage says, "We are enforcing laws to ensure the resource comes back after each fishing season."

Now, it's up to the court to decide whether to uphold the current law or certify the case to the Supreme Court for further examination.