Big Crowds Turn Out for Ag Expo in Moultrie

Companies from around the globe have set up shop to show off the latest innovations for life on the farm.

Farmers and merchandisers and everyone seems to think the future is bright and with thousands of new innovative products on hand folks have plenty of reasons to believe.

The Annual Ag Expo in Moultrie is playing host to a record number of vendors this year, but the vendors aren't the only ones who've come a great distance to see what's new.

“It's all together a different style of farming here in some respects, but it's still basically getting products from the earth and that's what I really enjoy,” says Ohio visitor, John Chilcoat.

Some of the new products being unveiled include a solar-powered water pump system. The new development is these solar panels which are connected to global positioning systems to make sure the panels get the most solar energy possible.

"It's a really good market. There's a lot of questions, a lot of people who've been interested and we're actually getting to speak directly with the customers much more than the dealers,” says expo vendor Scott Holtz.

In addition to seeing the latest technology thousands of folks are getting firsthand experience with the new equipment.

"We enjoy the commercial exhibits put on by the producers like the cotton people here. Just to see how the different products are grown and harvested,” Chilcoat adds.

To give you an example of how big this expo has become, there are vendors who've come from as far away as Asia and Europe and there are visitors from around the U.S. Right now vendors and organizers are trying to get ready for another two days of activities.