Red Hills Horse Trials Organizers Saddle Up 2005 Season

The Red Hills Horse trials are an international competition, drawing tens of thousands of spectators to Tallahassee every year.

This year 200 national and international riders competed, vying for a chance at the World Cup.

"We always have these wonderful Olympic riders who like to come and we're planning to do the World Cup qualifier again, we've been selected for that,” says co-organizer Sallie Ausley.

The 2005 event is still about five months away, nevertheless, organizers kicked off the upcoming trials Tuesday night, throwing a party for its sponsors, including WCTV and there was a lot of whispering going on.

No gossip though, a horse whisperer showcased her talents. She helps people develop a relationship with their horse, one built on trust and mutual respect.

"We can have two way communication and not so much of a one way communication, the idea of walking side by side instead of one person leading the other and following,” says Horse Whisperer, Cyndi Gould Melcher.

Sponsors were also given an update about last year's Red Hills competitors who competed in the Athens Olympics, as they look towards the 2005 trials.

The expectations are bigger and better than before.

In the last seven years, the Red Hills Horse Trials have raised more than $250,000 for community projects.