Johnnie Morris Hearing

The decision came within a matter of hours for Johnnie Morris who allegedly struck a teacher, student and a resource officer back in August. Wednesday’s decision was one the boy's parents are pleased with.

After spending more than two hours at the Jefferson County School Board, the parents of Johnnie Morris learned their son will not be expelled.

Erma Morris says, "It has been determined that he has an emotional handicap and he'll be placed in that kind of setting at the Opportunity School here in Monticello."

Attorney C. Erica White adds, "It was a true collaboration; we had FSU doctors there and also the parents; we all sat down to talk about what was best for the child."

Doctors with Florida State University preformed a psychological evaluation on young Johnnie that took several months.

Erica says, "They did a comprehensive assessment of his educational ability and psychological ability. It was about a 14-page report and it found that he has an emotional handicap, and so the best thing for him would be in a small class setting for him to work through that emotional handicap."

Attorney White says overall the family is pleased with the outcome, and as far as Johnnie, he begins classes at the Opportunity School on Monday.

On January 25 at the Jefferson County Courthouse, Attorney White and the Morris family will present that psychological report to the judge hoping the report will have an affect on the judge’s ruling.

Johnnie was found guilty of four felonies and a misdemeanor for his alleged actions in August.