Getting Ready for Baby

Latoya Harris is 10 weeks pregnant. A co-worker told her about the First Steps program.

"I'm just looking forward to learning more about becoming a better parent, a first-time parent. I'm very excited," she says.

A video series teaches about nutrition, exercise and what to expect when expecting. After the viewing she and the director discuss the material in the video.

Linda Gwaltney, the First Steps coordinator, says, "We want referrals to our program. If someone knows of a young mother-to-be they can contact me and we'll set them up for some classes."

They are classes Harris says are well worth it.

"Anything that will help and teach you about becoming a first-time parent; that would be helpful because any info can help."

She'll receive support throughout her pregnancy and three months after the baby is born, and she says she hopes it's a girl, but will be happy with whatever God gives her.