Gypped After Jeanne?

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Just days after Tropical Storm Jeanne moved through Lowndes County, Georgia's insurance commissioner was on hand to get a look at the damage with the hopes of being able to secure federal disaster relief. That relief never came.

Paige Dukes, Lowndes County Spokesperson, says, "Right now we have $1.7 million just in local government money that's been spent here in Lowndes County because of Hurricane Jeanne. I'm afraid as time goes by we still have not heard anything. There may not be a federal emergency declaration."

That leaves local governments to pay for a problem that still persists. A good chunk of Franklinville Road remains closed because the flood waters not only threaten the bridge, but a good portion of the road.

Even with weight limits in place, Lowndes County will have to spend several hundred thousand dollars to fix or replace this bridge, money that was originally supposed to be spent in other areas of need.

Paige adds, "We're not planning any reduction of services or anything like that, but again we're going to ask our departments to make sure they run a tighter financial ship."

That way needed repairs can be made without adding a new burden to the tax rolls.