Young Poll Workers in Lowndes County

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Some other youngsters are becoming involved with politics by lending a helping hand with this year's election. Lowndes County students are setting an example in the Peach State.

Kamela and Chris are only two of many high school students volunteering their time as poll workers on Election Day. Even though Kamela isn't old enough to vote this year, her new found interest in politics has her spending quality time with mom and dad.

Kamela says, "I've been watching all the debates with them and keeping up and in touch with all the candidates and with how they are reacting to everything."

Eighteen-year-old Chris says he hopes other high school students will follow his lead and get involved in the election process.

Chris says, "If they see us getting involved and encouraging them to get involved then it’s kind of like a bi-standard effect that we talked about in sociology. If more people are involved, other people won’t be scared to get involved."

Local poll workers are actively recruiting students to help man the polls November 2, but they are running into a slight problem.

Hans Kahl, a poll manager, says, "I really think that schools should actually give credit for the day. They should not count it as an excused absence, but actually give them credit as having attended class."

Election officials say they are excited to see the students actively making their mark on Election Day. Lowndes is one of seven counties that will have students serving as poll workers on November 2.