Disability Mentoring

The city placed several future job seekers with employees in the career fields of their interest.

Kristen Fernandez was in a staff meeting with utilities business manager, Cynthia Barber.

Upstairs was Angela Westgate in another meeting with data managers. The girls say the experience has not only been inspirational, but it's also shaping their future career choices.

Angela Westgate says, "Disability Mentoring Day can be very helpful; it can help people with a lot of different disabilities that have the opportunity to experience that people with disabilities can be successful."

Austin Gleaton says, "It's just a great opportunity for me to enjoy what I like, and this is pretty neat."

Austin, a young man, is shadowing our very own sports anchor, Lee Gordon. It's been an interesting day for Austin. He spent the morning with Gov. Jeb Bush.

National Disability Mentoring Day kicked off in 1999 at the White House. Last year more than 7,000 people participated nationwide.