DUI Arrests at Florida State University

FSU police LT James Russell says there have been 45 DUI arrests on FSU's campus since January.

James Russell says, "It means that there are 45 people on the roads that were driving basically deadly missiles that we removed from the road."

LT Russell says last year there were only 24 arrests among students and non-students driving under the influence on campus. The rise in arrests is a result of new programs, which aim to get drunk drivers off the roads in addition to older programs like the DUI checkpoints.

Emily Owens says, "I think they should crack down. It keeps the fatalities down. It makes me feel safe when I walk around. It lets me know that something is being done to keep drunk drivers off the streets."

Justin Bradley adds, "I have a good friend who was hit by a drunk driver last summer. I've wondered why they just can't just take care of themselves and others around them."

LT Russell says when the drunk drivers are pulled over many are upset, while some are thankful, admitting they may have had too much to drink.

LT Russell says, "Really, the message we're trying to get out to people isn't that we're out to arrest people. We want people to make the better decision that if they feel they've had too much to drink, do not drive."

Officials hope the number of drunk drivers off the street continues to increase.