Weather Woes

There's no doubt the Valdosta damage sustained to crops this hurricane season affected a variety of Georgia farmers.

Chip Blalock says, "It definitely affected our cotton and peanuts. It made it tremendously difficult to bale hay, certainly some problems there with weather damage.”

Farmers in the cotton industry say the timing of the storms couldn't have been worse.

Louie Perry, a Colquitt County farmer, said, "We had an excellent crop in this part of the country. At that time it got to be from excellent to good, now it's just an average crop and we can't survive with an average crop."

Richey Seaton with the Georgia Cotton Commission says, “Some of our producers had minimal, some had catastrophic losses, but due to the very tight margin that our farmers work to, even a five or 10 percent loss can be a real economic disaster.”

Louie Perry adds, "The way it is written, you have to have a 35 percent loss before you even start to qualify. I don't think we'll have a 38 percent loss on Georgia."

Though their crops took a beating from mother nature, these seasoned farmers say their vigilance remains unscathed and they'll find a way to bounce back.