Leon County Woman on Trial for Murdering Boyfriend

The jury listened to a tape recording of Sarah Smith at first denying, then admitting she shot Tim Robinson in the head as they argued and struggled on the bedroom floor.

Sarah Lynn Smith is distraught and confused, then calm and clear during her interrogation the morning after boyfriend Tim Robinson was found shot to death in the couple's home.

A tape recording of that entire statement was played for the jury. Smith's attorney contends his panicky and sleep deprived client was coerced into confessing, citing the interrogation tactics from LCSO detectives.

Prosecutors contend Smith shot Robinson after a night of drinking and arguing. Smith's lawyer claims Robinson shot himself. Soon jurors will decide who they believe.

Sarah Smith's son testified late Wednesday afternoon with the promise of immunity, but when asked if his mother shot Robinson or told him she did, Vincent Smith repeatedly said he did not recall.