Leon County Schools Launch Laptop Computer Initiative

Third grade teacher Frances Homme uses her laptop computer to plan the day's lesson and keep track of grades and attendance, a far cry from when they first appeared in the classroom.

Six schools in Leon County are taking part in Project LIFE, which stands for Laptop Initiative For Education. It sets up classrooms like Homme's with a laptop, which school officials say is a lifeline without a cord.

The use of a laptop acts as a transition from traditional learning to a more modern mode of instruction. Eighty two Leon County teachers and staff have laptops. Now, the district is working on placing 238 of them in the hands of students.

Parents will also have access to the computers. The district's hope is to connect families by bridging the gap between home and school. It’s a resource that teachers say makes their job easier.

Cobb, Griffin, Nims, Kate Sullivan, Pineview and Roberts Elementary are all participating in the laptop initiative.