Digital Traffic Monitoring: One Year Later

During the past year, 18 video cameras have been installed around Valdosta and they're giving traffic managers a great view of what traffic problems need to be instantly fixed.

Von Shipman, Valdosta city engineer, says, "It's been an evolutionary process. We've been adding features, expanding the network. We have 18 cameras hooked up around town now. The first phase of the fiber optic network has been completed."

That fiber optic network allows employees at the Traffic Management Center to have full interactive control of each intersection's traffic lights.

Jeffrey Messer, the traffic manager, says, "We're able to communicate to those intersections to adjust those traffic controllers and adjust the light timers and use a central clock to keep it all moving."

Valdosta drivers say they have been moving through these intersections more quickly than they used to.

Shipman adds, "It's more than pretty pictures; it's interactive. We're now able to do things that we only dreamed about. We've been able to see a reduction in traffic accidents, improved traffic flow at major intersections."

It’s all good news for drivers who are having to deal with a growing number of cars and trucks on Valdosta roadways.