Kilmer Files Suit: Does Attack Ad Go Too Far?

Republican Bev Kilmer says one of Democrat Allen Boyd's TV ads goes too far attacking her family and their company. Now, there's a defamation of character lawsuit in the works.

The complaint filed in Wakulla County is against U.S. Cong. Allen Boyd. The plaintiff: All Tech Southeast Incorporated, owned by the husband of congressional opponent Bev Kilmer.

Larry Kilmer's All Tech Southeast Incorporated is suing Boyd for defamation of character and libel to the tune of $15,000.

Rep. Bev Kilmer says, "They have been accused of something that is totally absolutely untrue. Sometimes people spin a story to get it to come across in an ugly way. There isn't even an inch of truth in that ad. This is the most blatant attack that I have ever seen."

Kilmer is talking about a television campaign ad currently running and approved by Allen Boyd

Boyd's camp says this, "While the Boyd campaign will not comment on the lawsuit because it’s a pending legal matter, we do stand firmly behind the facts as they are presented in the ad."

Kilmer adds, "I have no idea why Cong. Boyd thinks he can pass this off as truth. The city of Quincy applied for a DCA grant for water sewer electricity and roads to be built around an industrial plant. The only connection we have is we moved our business to Quincy."

Boyd, who is out of town, maintains everything in the ad is true. Boyd and Kilmer have a debate scheduled for Thursday at 10 o’clock on WFSU.