Latin Lesson in Gadsden County

Gadsden County elementary students are getting a unique experience: Learning how to speak and sing in Spanish with a well-known Latin singer.

The sounds of music filled Greensboro Elementary's auditorium Thursday as students from four Gadsden County elementary schools learned to sing in Spanish.

From a well-known nursery rhyme, to dancing, the students say the program gave them an opportunity to learn more about the Hispanic culture.

Amaya Mann enjoyed program. "I got to learn a whole other world of Spanish and got to learn more Spanish words besides numbers.

Mario Romulo learned several new words. "I learned new songs about Mexico and some animals how they sound."

Jose Luis Orozco is a children's author and performer who uses his music as a learning tool to educate students. "We live in communities where we have different cultures, and the more the children learn about other cultures, the better they become, and they become better citizens, and they understand each other, and we live in harmony, and when they do it through music, it's even better.

And what better way to end the program by getting teachers involved in the act, singing and dancing, much to the delight of students.

The public is invited to a free concert. The event will be held Thursday night at 7 p.m. at West Gadsden High School in Greensboro.