Handicapped Accessible Playground in Valdosta, GA

Kids in Lowndes County will have a new reason to put down those video controllers and head outdoors during Christmas vacation this year.

William and his four-year-old son Jonathan never pass up a chance to visit the playground at McKey Park.

"It gets him out and helps him burn some energy which is important. Kids need to get out of the house and run around and stuff."

And now thanks to The Junior Service League and taxpayer dollars, a brand new $60,000 playground will soon be another reason William and his family will visit the park. But it will be no ordinary playground.

"The other thing is making it where it will be wheelchair accessible with our rubber matting. We don't have any of our parks in the whole county that have the rubber matting, so that's a new feature."

Every activity on the playground was hand-picked by kids in Lowndes County. And parents say they couldn't be happier with the playground, which offers a great chance for family time.

"Get out in the world and give the parents a chance to spend some time with them, which is hard to do sometimes." But hopefully not too hard for much longer.

The new playground in McKey Park will be open late next week.