Gifts for Troops

The holidays are right around the corner and for people in the military, It's difficult being away from family. But some students are trying to make Christmas a little more enjoyable for our troops.

More than 60 neatly-packaged boxes will make their way to soldiers in Iraq. The boxes contain items ranging from books to snacks, complete with a letter to soldiers fighting for our country's freedom.

"It's so important to give back to the community, and seeing the kids at Key Club take all the donations that we have from school and the things that they brought in and distribute them throughout all the boxes, it was just a labor of joy to be able to fill those boxes and know that somebody was going to open up a Christmas present."

Presents that came from students like Ashley Brantley who wanted to share a little holiday cheer.

"I feel really proud, you know; I mean it feels good to give to other people; it just makes me happy when I give things to other people besides my self. And it makes me think, you know, they deserve it, and they deserve it a lot more then we do, and we should give them more credit than they really have."

The teens are hoping these packages will brighten the lives of soldiers who are miles away from home. And these students are hoping other teens will open their hearts to soldiers overseas.