Got Male?

Believe it or not, Harper Elementary kids are now up for adoption by the classroom. The qualified candidates: successful men in the community.

"Some of the students don't have male role models if their life; many of them do, but even of the ones that do, it doesn't hurt to have an additional association with people who are successful."

People like Jack Hadley who followed his dreams and now owns a black history museum in Thomasville.

"What I’m doing here will make a big impact on the kids in the future because they'll look back and say if he can do it, I can do it."

The volunteers spend 30 minutes every week with their adopted class teaching life lessons and even history lessons.

"He just gave us peanuts, and we were looking at them. He read about who made peanuts, George Washington Carver"

And the students look forward to it.

"He’s a great man and he teaches us about everything."

"He comes in with a smile on his face and takes time with us."

"It’s a win-win because of experiences in the community, and [the] community wins because they get involved with the school. And I’ll tell you, the men are excited about coming."

Coming and being a positive influence in their lives.