Literacy Program Changing Lives

The Literacy Volunteers of Leon County are trying to boost the number of students in their program and the number of tutors, too.

Joann Collins works at a Tallahassee factory that makes custom blinds. When she first started working here, she couldn't read work orders or street signs or much of anything else.

"My reading level when I first moved to Tallahassee; I could not read very well or write or spell at all."

Here's what changed Joann’s life. Her supervisors at Skandia took a chance and urged her to contact literacy volunteers. If she improved her reading, she could keep her job.

"Since she's improved her reading skills, she's a very multi-talented, multi-task person who can do different things for us, just by improving her reading skills."

Joann is one of the many students who is benefiting from this performance by Gerald Charles Dickens, whose great-great grandfather penned "The Christmas Carol."

So as this British born actor brings Scrooge to the Tallahassee stage, Joann Collins inspects another pair of blinds. Her goal? To earn a GED one day and teach someone else to read.