5K Walk/Run for Health

The event is a healthy way for participants to raise money for several charitable organizations.

More than 200 state employees, representing eight agencies, were pounding the pavement Thursday in the Annual FSECC 5K Walk/Run.

It's an event that promotes a healthy lifestyle, while encouraging improved physical and mental health for local residents.

"We're very health conscious in my office and my co-workers, they motivate me and we all wanted to do this together so it's something fun. We do it every year and we get a good workout,” comments participant Lysa White.

It’s a workout that's enticing folks to come back year-round.

"I feel great; I'm the only winner of this race. I've done it every time for the Department of Revenue and Florida State. It's an excellent run. I love to come out and have some fun,” says race winner Tim Unger.

The Annual FSECC 5K Walk/Run is a fun event, which raises money for several charitable organizations while giving participants a healthy way to help others.

"This is the fourth year we've had this race and I've participated for the four years. This course was less challenging not may hills,” adds participant Ron Goldstein.

The only challenge now for these runners is to exceed the $3,000 they're hoping to raise.

Organizers say so far they've raised a little more than $4,000.

More than 400 employees registered for the race but only 249 participated this year.