Black Voters in the Peach State

Elections officials in Georgia say more blacks have registered to vote for this Presidential Election than the last.

This election is raising so much interest in the African American community.

Elections officials are touting an increase of newly registered voters in Georgia.

More than 400,000 more Georgians are registered in the upcoming Presidential Election than four years ago.

"People are wanting to voice their opinions and wanting to get out and vote because of the issues,” says Chief Deputy Registrar Lisa Greene.

These issues apparently have gotten the attention of the black community.

State election officials say first-time black voters have taken the lead over new white voters.

"Because of the economy. We're looking at Medicare costs directly affecting black people that can't afford to go into the private facility. We are getting more aware, knowledgeable, educated about our vote counting. I see a lot of it on the TV, radio. People are really working this year. I think this is going to be the year the difference is going to be made,” says Georgia voter Hattie Tucker.

Regardless of color voter interest is up overall in Georgia.

But the deciding factor is in the hands of those voters who actually go to polls and cast their ballots.

Now back in 2000, Bush won the state of Georgia with 55-percent of the vote.