Early Voting Moving Along Quickly

Lines continue around the state at early voting locations. Every half hour, a bus leaves Florida A&M University for the courthouse in Tallahassee. The ride made it easy for students to vote.

Based on what she has seen in the first week of early voting, Secretary of State Glenda Hood believes the 2004 election will set records for turnout.

"Our supervisors of elections are prepared for that. They anticipate heavy turnout with all these choices. They have trained their poll workers very well."

Governor Jeb Bush says with so many people casting their ballots, voters shouldn’t expect a flawless election.

"Will it go off in a way that people will know who the winner is? Absolutely. Unless the lawyers take over at midnight election night, people will know who the winner is, and it will be done."

So far, other than a slight wait, inconveniences have been few, but lines are expected to get longer as the election nears.