Success with the Military Vote

As members of Moody Air Force Base return home from serving in Afghanistan or Iraq, they've been getting all the help they need in registering to vote.

"We’ve recruited people who go out to the squadrons to make sure that every person on base receives a registration form in person and also gets four other forms for family members."

So far, 150 of the voting assistance volunteers have given out more than a thousand registration forms, mostly to excited, first-time voters.

"There’s been a lot of excitement and curiosity especially with the people who are new to the military and just out of high school and they don't understand the voting process very well. So, it's been a learning experience."

The military is making sure each service person can get registered, even if it's in another state. Once the paperwork arrives, it's up to these airmen to fill out their ballots and send them in.

"It’s very private. Nobody is forcing people to vote a certain way. Nobody wants them to disclose whether they're Democrats or Republicans, for Kerry or Bush, whatever. We just want to make sure people now have the right to vote and are out there doing that."

And if the strong interest is any indication, Moody officials expect 75 percent of all local airmen to vote in the upcoming election.