Oak Ridge Elementary's Computers

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A community partnership paves the way for student success at one local elementary school, and it’s putting the latest technology in the hands of tomorrow’s leaders.

The Keyboard Kingdom is a $50,000 computer lab leading kids into the 21st century.

Sandra Hall, the technical coordinator, says, “We needed the lab so all our kids could have 30 minutes a day on computer. With [the] other two labs [they] didn't have enough time.”

This is Oak Ridge Elementary School's third lab, featuring 25 Dell computers. Teachers say keeping kids connected to the Internet has boosted their eagerness to learn.

Aquila Gaymon, an Oak Ridge teacher, says, "Actually boost confidence, because computer is one-on-one, [it] builds them up to skills they need."

Using programs like the Compass Learning Odyssey to measure a student’s skills based on Sunshine State standards, the kids say using the new gigs makes learning fun.

Charles Woods, a third grader at Oak Ridge Elementary School, says, "It helps with reading, makes it fun and play games and reading activities."

Funding for the modern mode of instruction was made possible through a program called Partnership to Advance School Success, also known as PASS. Students say pass has paved the pathway to better grades.

Mainline Information Systems of Tallahassee is the corporate sponsor of Oak Ridge's PASS Program.