Upholstery Job

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From the outside, the Madison Police Department looks like an abandoned building with boarded windows and dull paint, but that will all change. The city has acquired funds from a historical preservation agency to turn this eyesore into a gem of a building.

Chief Davis of the Madison Police Department says, "Being able to restore the building as close to its original condition and being able to maintain it as a government building is a big plus for us, the city and the community."

It’s a community that may have been unaware the roof of the Police Department has been leaking. Parts of the facility have also suffered structural damage. The walls are literally falling down from water damage, and instead of glass you have a piece of plywood that's boarding one area. All of those will be addressed with the $300 grant.

So what can people expect when this building is completed?

Thomas Mofses says, "Hopefully a nicer looking appearance that we can appreciate its value, similar to the building adjacent to it. It was done with a historical grant also."

It’s a grant that will make a world of difference when this project is completed.