"Sell" Phone?

More and more Americans are dropping their land lines at home and just going with a cell phone. That's why anti-telemarketing groups say telemarketers want a published list of all cell phone numbers.

Terry McElroy of the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services says, "Unfortunately, there's nothing in the state, or I believe the federal law, that prohibits it. We're very concerned about that because when someone calls a cell phone there's a charge."

As of yet there is no publishing of cell phone numbers, but somehow cell phone owners say they've gotten unwanted marketing calls on their cell phones.

Courtney Husley, a cell phone user, says, "I have indeed. It's very annoying. The incoming/outgoing phones are charged to my phone."

Other cell phone owners say they’d better not get a telemarketing call on their mobiles.

Patrick Woods, also a cell phone user, says, "I'd be furious. I still get calls at home and that makes me mad. If I were to get calls on my cell phone, when I have to pay for that, I would be furious."

If you feel the same way there is something that can be done if cell phone numbers are published.

Terry McElroy adds, "Anybody who wants to be spared the telemarketing calls, whether at home or on their cell phones, can call our office at 1-800-HELP-FLA."