Internet Security

It appears all the college student was after was a few free porn subscriptions, but now he's facing two felonies and possible deportation.

Twenty-one-year-old Abdule Wattley was handcuffed and led from his Tallahassee apartment Friday morning after FDLE unraveled an elaborate scheme to get free online porn.

Here's how FDLE agents describe the scene. They say Wattley received a refund check from TCC. He used the router and account numbers on that check and began billing the school for several online porn subscriptions to sites.

When TCC realized what was happening, FDLE agents traced the IP addresses to the orchards apartment complex. Agents ultimately found out Wattley was accessing his neighbors' "wireless Internet routers," as he logged on a few doors down.

Special Agent Jason Knowles of the Florida Computer Crime Center says, "While we were interviewing the residents of the other apartments, in one apartment we saw Mr. Wattley's computer name pop up on their router logs right then. He was actually going through their wireless conducting some business on the Internet."

Agents seized computers and more from Wattley's apartment. A wireless antenna was hanging out of his window when we arrived.

And if this wireless scheme seems complicated to you, computer crime experts say it's not at all. It can happen to anyone who buys a wireless router and doesn't encrypt it.

Bob Breeden of the Florida Computer Crime Center says, “Unless you take time to secure your wireless router, bad guys could be connecting to your router and doing criminal activity that traces back to you."

Wattley is facing two felony charges for grand theft and unauthorized access to his neighbors computers. He could also be deported because he is here on a student visa from St. Maarten.