New Phone Scam Aimed at Potential Voters

Leon County Elections officials are being told by voters that unknown organized groups are trying to take away their right to vote.

"A number of voters have been calling us with concerns about telephone calls they're receiving. Some of these calls are automated and some are from phone banks, which means there's an organized effort to do this,” says Leon County Elections Supervisor Ion Sancho.

Have you been the recipient of a bogus phone call, one dealing with the upcoming elections?

"The problem with it is these phone calls are giving false misleading information to the voters, telling people they can vote by telephone if they push one. There is no voting by telephone in the United States, anywhere,” Sancho says.

Sancho says some of these phone callers are lying by identifying themselves with different political parties.

"That's preposterous. We're not doing anything of the sort. I think all of us are on the same page here in Florida. We want every eligible voter to be able to cast their ballot,” comments Joseph Agostini, of the Republican Party of Florida.

"Absolutely not. We are encouraging people to get out and vote early. But we're not going to make misleading calls and we're actually disturbed at these occurrences,” adds Allie Merzer of the Democratic Party of Florida.

"This is very disquieting. It's improper, unethical, and illegal to attempt to fool American citizens to not vote,” Sancho says.

The supervisor says at best these phone calls are annoying, at worst they keep someone from voting. Sancho says he doesn't believe the Republican or Democratic parties are involved but their names are being used.

If you think you may have received one of these bogus messages, call 850-488-1350.