Holiday Help Courtesy of Thomasville Police Department

The Thomasville Police Department is bringing some good ‘ole holiday cheer to those in need.

Samantha Banks didn't have the money to decorate for Christmas, but thanks to Thomasville PD she and her two kids can enjoy a Christmas tree and lots of holiday decorations.

Samantha says, "It makes me feel good because they're helping out a lot with single parents with low income. It's helping out a lot with me being disabled and sickly and things like that, helping out the kids and making the kids happy to see things at Christmas time."

Allie Mae Tillman says she wasn't physically able to hang decorations.

"Thank you so much. I appreciate what you done for me," she says.

The holiday help is one part of the city's Neighborhood Improvement Project.

Rachelle Denmark, Public Information Officer, says, "It's one of those positive interaction projects with the City of Thomasville and the Police Department. Nothing here is criminal. There's no crimes being committed. There's no one going to jail. We're here to positively interact with the community."

The Scott Senior Center was also lit up with lights for the holiday. Volunteers with the Housing Authority and various city departments helped TPD spread the holiday cheer.

Thomasville PD is also getting ready for their annual “Shop With a Cop Day.” Nominated children will be able to shop through Wal-Mart with their favorite police officer. That will be next Saturday, December 11.