Community Mourns Loss of Local Soldier

It was an emotional night for the family as you can imagine, but this loss is one that is felt by the entire community.

There was a huge show of support for the family of Lance Corporal Charles Allen Hanson Friday night. He was one of five marines stationed at Camp LeJeune killed last week in Iraq.

Kim Wilkerson, a Wakulla County resident, says, "They must be really going through a difficult time, especially being that it was a young person. He lost his life at a young age and he did it for his country very honorably."

Jason Lowe, a Wakulla County High School senior, says, "I don't expect people from this close to die. It never occurred to me that they'd be dying oversees, especially that young. It's going to be really hard on the family."

Even those who are not members of Hanson's family say they really understand how it feels to lose someone close.

Jim Lowe, a Wakulla County resident, adds, "Yea, I'm a Vietnam veteran; I understand."

Shannon Gibbs, also a Wakulla County resident, adds, "I think most people found out about it on Thursday when it came out in the paper. I knew about it on Monday when it happened, but since then people have been talking about it and I can't believe it's happening here."

There's also remembrance for Hanson's stepfather, 39-year-old Mike Barwick, who just lost his life by his own hand.

Funeral services for Lance Corporal Hanson will be held Saturday at 11 a.m. at the Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church in Medart, followed by burial services at Smith Cemetery in Spring Creek.