Escape Attempt Thwarted by Quick-Thinking Civilians

DEP Jerry Shuler flips through pictures of an afternoon he won't forget anytime soon. He was transporting 24-year-old Eric Sapp to the Leon County Jail for parole violation, a trip that would be delayed.

The 6'4”, 225-pound suspect kicked his way through the window and escaped. SGT Steve Norville explains how it was done.

"Being 6'4” with the cage in the cars, they don't fit so well, so he was laid across the seat."

Norville says it's standard procedure. Still, even in handcuffs, which he somehow managed to move to the front of himself, with one hard kick Sapp found his escape, but it would be short lived thanks to quick thinking witnesses.

DEP Jerry Shuler adds, "When I went around the corner there was a fella that had him in his arms doing everything he could to hold him, they were fighting. He assisted me in getting him in custody."

We tried to contact the good Samaritans, but they didn't want to talk telling deputies, they were just being good citizens.

We asked if an escape like this been attempted before. We are told yes, but it's rare. Sometimes a window is no match for a strong suspect, but he proved no match against a few good Samaritans.

In addition to the original aggravated battery charge, Eric Sapp is also facing charges of escape, resisting arrest with violence and criminal mischief.