Breast Cancer Awareness Month

You're about to meet two Tallahassee women who were diagnosed much earlier. Both were young mothers when they got the scare of their lives.

Pam and Dewey Riou call their eight-month-old daughter, Zoe, a miracle baby. Pam had survived an initial bout with breast cancer only to find out it was back when she was eight months pregnant with the couple's second child.

"It is overwhelming. It was very, very hard for us because in our family, my husband's mother had breast cancer and succumbed to it. So it was very hard to hear it and even harder to break it to him."

Dewey Riou, Pam's husband, says, "The feeling of helplessness, with not being able to do anything for her and seeing what she went through, it was tough."

Kelly Ashey is also battling breast cancer. "Whatever the situation is, it's our attitude and how we fight, and I'm going to fight.”

Ashey, also a wife and mother of two, has been living with breast cancer for nearly 10 years. Her two boys were toddlers when she first found out. "It was very scary. My children were two and four at the time and they've basically grown up with me, their mom, having cancer. They're 11 and 13 right now, but look how much time has gone by. Cancer does not mean death."

Kelly is undergoing chemotherapy, but she does not let cancer run her life. She continues to walk her dog, work out, doing what she enjoys and what she must to stay healthy.

Pam is clear of cancer right now. Both women say breast cancer has taught them to savor each day.

"Faith. You must have faith."