Smile, Child!

Porchia Johnson is learning the ABCs of proper dental care. She is one of hundreds of Gadsden County school children who are being screened by dental students from the University of Florida.

"You need to brush your teeth every morning and every night when you wake up because if you don't, your teeth back there will get infected and start breaking by little pieces and pieces."

Doctor's say so far quite a few of these pretty smiles have been plagued with problems.

"The most amazing thing we've seen is 20 percent of the children on any given day have been in pain, which was very shocking to us. That means a quarter of our kids were coming to school not able to concentrate having some pain in their mouth."

Armed with the proper brushing technique and new toothbrushes, these kids may be ready to showcase a brighter smile.

"It’s important to take care of your teeth and keep it fresh and clean so they don't get orange-looking."

"I shouldn't eat chocolate, no soda, and i should drink milk and water, and don't eat no chocolate because it can mess up your teeth."

But in the meantime doctors are using a highly concentrated fluoride coating on the kids' teeth as a means to prevent bacteria build up.