Economy Boost

You can see the strengthening economy in the hectic holiday rush with retailers nationwide expected to add 800,000 workers this holiday season.

While some shoppers are seeing red for the holidays, hundreds of thousands of temporary employees are cashing in on a little green. Just ask the manager at Target.

"Due to an increase in sales we do have to staff up in our team members to accommodate the extra business," shared Target employment manager, Larry Lowe.

Lowe isn't the only one. UPS is hiring extra sorters and drivers, while Best Buy reports a 20 percent increase in seasonal employees from last year.

"Typically our season is just enough to get them through the Christmas season to buy extra presents and stuff, so it accommodates us and we accommodate them," added Lowe.

It used to be just college and high school kids cashing in on the "giving" spirit, but now everyone's getting the idea. Taking on a little extra work now can save on big bills later.

"I've thought about it," said holiday shopper Cassie Hair. "The thought has crossed my mind; we have three boys, so we have a lot of gifts to buy."

Dru Giba added, "It's better to have than not to have, so if you have an opportunity to make a little extra money, I think those who can get it should go for it."

Meanwhile, economists are hoping this positive trend continues through the new year. The Labor Department reports 112,000 new jobs came into being in November.