Holiday Open House

Folks will step into Christmas past at the historic Lapham-Patterson House in Thomasville as preparations for the annual holiday open house kick into gear.

Right now two words describe the inside of the Lapham-Patterson House.

"Total chaos; you have to step over things to walk through," said curator Cheryl Walters.

But Sunday it will glimmer and gleam, transformed into a Christmas celebration of the late 1800s called “spice and splendor.”

"The spice comes in because the house is going to smell of delicious warm spiced cider, cinnamon, cloves," added Walters. "The splendor, well, it's just a splendid house."

Achieving the look doesn't come easy. Organizers will work tirelessly around the clock Saturday decking the halls. A volunteer makes sure everything's just right.

Volunteer David Powell says, "Actually it's kind of a fun way of being a non-perfectionist at the same time," shared Powell, "because however it comes out it actually looks good. You just throw it together to see what you come up with."

Decking the halls can take time, yet Walter says the long hours decorating are well worth it when folks come in to enjoy.

“Spice and splendor” is Sunday from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. The tours are free and there will also be food and music from the Victorian age.