Toys for Tots

If you were anywhere near the capital city Sunday you probably saw them. If not, you likely heard them. Hundreds of motorcyclists flooded the streets of Tallahassee carrying toys for tots.

Shiny chrome and black leather as far as the eye can see; it's not a Harley Davidson convention, rather a group of bikers with hearts as soft as the toys they carry.

"You've got independents, chrome divas, just all different types," said Christian Motorcyclist Association member, Baby Jane.

There’s one thing in common; an obsession with motorcycles.

Dr. Rosaline Meyers, a 93-year-old biker, added, "I've been riding since 1940."

That's when she rode in the first women's Army. Since then, Dr. Meyers still can't part with her trusty motorcycle, and she's not alone.

"I was born in 1938. Riding means a lot to me; I've been through six American flags," said Miriam Curving.

She proudly displays the American flag for two reasons; one, her nation; two, to keep motorists off her tail.

However festive the bikes are dressed up, or the owners for that matter, the most important item are those strapped to the back of an unwrapped gift to brighten a child's Christmas.

The annual Toys for Tots program drew more than 200 area motorcyclists.