FAMU Homecoming 2004

Tens of thousands lined the streets of Tallahassee Saturday for Florida A&M’s Homecoming Parade. As drumbeats pounded through the streets of Tallahassee, parade watchers both young and old bounced to the rhythm.

Some of them have been sitting in this spot every year for about a decade, people like Sam Morando, who says, “About 10 years I've been enjoying it ever since I’ve been coming to the parade, we always have a lot of fun."

And there is one thing that sets this parade apart from all the others, the band. There are dozens of local and distant school bands signed on to walk, play and dance through the streets. Of course, there is a local favorite: FAMU’s famous Marching 100.

While the football game may have been a big draw at the stadium, just look into the faces of the fans and you'll see this was a day for the band.