Escaped Inmate

A Wakulla County escapee is off the streets and back behind bars Sunday. After spending about 24 hours on the run, 38-year-old William Glover is now in custody.

What began as an unusual escapade ended in an unusual place. It was breakfast time at the Wakulla County Sheriff's Office when 38-year-old William Glover scaled a fence and escaped. Less than 24 hours later it was a neighborly concern that led police to a Woodville home.

“It's the most action we've seen down here in a long time,” said neighbor David Watts.

SGT Kenneth Ganey with the Leon County Sheriff’s Office says the suspect climbed through a window into his aunt's house.

“We could not find him on the bottom of house. We noticed insulation under the attic space,” said SGT Ganey.

After several verbal exchanges, SGT Ganey found William Glover unarmed and willing to share his story.

“He said ‘I was looking at 30 years in prison. I had the opportunity to escape and I did,’” added SGT Ganey.

Glover also told authorities his escape was simple. He says the fence was already down; all he had to do was take a chance and run.

Glover was taken to the Leon County Jail where he faces escape and burglary charges on top of a laundry list of charges in Wakulla County.