Al Gore's Visit

Former Vice President Al Gore was in the capital city Sunday stressing the importance of getting to the polls and casting a ballot.

A crowd of around 3,000 showed up at the Leon County Courthouse. Some of the people who came still held a lot of bitterness from the last election, but once Al Gore hit the stage he turned the crowd’s fury into laughter.

"I'm Al Gore. I used to be the next president of America; now I'm a recovering politician," he said.

He scored points with the crowd when he talked about the economy.

"I'm concerned about the economy. I was the first one laid off."

Gore said the last time America saw this many people out of work was during the Hoover administration, just before the great depression.

"You have to go all the way back to that time before you find a period of loss jobs until George W. Bush and the Cheney administration got to really work at it to lose jobs over a four-year period,” added Gore.

After the speech he shook hands with the crowd. With just a little over a week left before November 2, only time will tell if they are right. While Gore made his presence known here in Tallahassee, Democratic Presidential candidate John Kerry is in south Florida.