Early Voting Caravan

From the pulpit to the ballot box, area churches are spreading more than the gospel. The General Election is just days away, and these church members are making sure they get a jump start on early voting.

Ernest Ferrell says, "We're making a historical move today. We're taking this church after worship service down to the polls to express to the community the importance of voting early or voting period.”

Saint Mary Primitive Baptist Church members say this election has several issues that are important to them and they want to make sure all the members of their congregation head to the polls to cast their ballot.

Al Dennis is casting an early ballot and says, "It's important today cause this is early voting day and we want to make sure we cast our ballots early so if there are any problems like the casting of our ballots we can catch the problems and get them resolved before the day of election."

It was an election that is so close, one vote could be the deciding factor. This is the first time members from Saint Mary Primitive Baptist Church traveled to the polls as a group.