Florida Hurricane Response Crisis Meeting

The devastating 2004 hurricane season is now being studied by groups from the federal level on down. Monday representatives from several agencies set up shop in Tallahassee to talk about how Florida responded to the hurricane crisis.

FAMU's pharmacy school may seem like an odd place to discuss hurricanes, but with the season we had, almost every place has a connection.

Dr. Henry Lewis, FAMU pharmacy professor, says, “Some of our senior pharmacy students spent six weeks in Manatee County when the Health Department was there in a tent.”

Monday representatives from the National Library of Medicine and the Department of Health met at FAMU to discuss Florida's response to the hurricane crisis.

Dr. Jack Snyder of the National Library of Medicine says, “Its response was exemplary and we are simply hoping to add to that experience by providing federal resources or informational resources.”

While state health workers say they need to improve the management of flooding and restoration of power, they also say public service announcement proved to be lifesavers.

Jorean Washington says, “We had something right there, how to boil water, sanitize water, how to stay away from sewage that was on the ground.”

Meeting coordinators say they hope to use the discussion to develop a national model for catastrophic crisis similar to what Florida endured earlier this year.