New Tool to Combat Aggressive Driving in Leon County

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Aggressive driving is on the rise in the Sunshine State, and the Florida Highway Patrol says it's killing more people than drunk drivers. FHP has a new plan in place that will help take aggressive drivers off the roads.

If you're an aggressive Florida driver, there are 18 new reasons to get a new attitude when you're behind the wheel.

Trooper Michael Transue with the Florida Highway Patrol says, "It's going to help us catch these aggressive drivers. When you're in a marked car, they have the chance to see you coming."

With these new Mercury Marauders, FHP troopers say it's time to be aggressive, but they're talking about themselves, not you.

COL Chris Knight adds, "It's a high performance vehicle and it can go much faster than our Camaros. It has radar and video, and has all the bells and whistles if you will.”

FHP says that aggressive driving is now killing more people in Florida than drunk drivers.

Knight says, "It's becoming a bigger problem on a daily basis. The state is growing and the number of impatient drivers has forced the state to react."

The black, silver or maroon vehicles will be found mainly in urban areas, and as of yet, not in Tallahassee.

LT John Bagnardi says, "The word out there for Tallahassee residents is if you're going to travel in Florida, don't get caught up that road rage. It doesn't matter if you're from Tallahassee, we'll catch you."

FHP warns if you're behind the wheel and experience a fit of road rage, calm down or you might find yourself behind bars. The vehicles were donated to FHP by someone who wishes to remain anonymous. The vehicles are now on the roads.