Early Voting Begins in Georgia

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Florida voters took advantage of early voting last week. Now, it's time for Georgia residents to do the same.

On the first day of early voting, election officials were very busy as people turned out in droves. The purpose of advance voting is to avoid the long lines at the polls on Election Day, so as you can imagine, voters had similar reactions to this crowd.

Rev. Emory Hopkins, surprised at the turnout, said, "If this is any sign at all of what November 2nd will be like or the election will be like, we'll have a good turnout."

Elections officials are predicting a record turnout statewide this election, and judging from the looks of it, most of the votes in Thomas County may be this week.

Within the first two hours more than 200 people had already turned out to vote. This is the fourth time early voting has been available in Georgia and election officials expect to have the largest turnout.

Leonard Nobles, a Georgia voter, says, "The line moves fast and we got in and they got the new electronic voting machines. If you can read and touch, you got it made."

During their unexpected wait some folks took a minute to put things into perspective.

Gary Payne, an advance voter, says, "We don't know what it's going to be like on voting day. We may be in line for two or three hours.”

For this election, folks say making sure their votes count early is worth the wait.

Advance voting runs through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. In Thomas County, voters can go to the Elijah Hill building and in surrounding counties check with your voter registrar's office for the location.