Home Rehabilitation in Jefferson County

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Several homes in Jefferson County that are considered an eyesore may soon get a much needed facelift. County officials have been awarded a substantial amount of money to rehabilitate a few of the houses.

A home in Lloyd is Mark Dean's pride and joy. These days the roof is falling off, stray boards surround the home and overgrown bushes now dominate the house, causing it to be difficult to even see.

Mark Dean says, "I tell you what put me outdoors, the roof got bad and the rain hit that sheet rock and stuff. It came down and fell down in two rooms in the side room I was sleeping in."

Jefferson County's grant officials worked closely with a private company to secure a $548,000 grant to help refurbish homes like Dean's.

Lisa Blair with Meridian Community Services Group says, "The county is really to be commended for their commitment in this process in funding every opportunity available to get money in the county to help their residents get safe homes in which to live."

Dean is one of several residents who are now looking forward to living in a brand new home.

"I would be delighted to have it remodeled or whatever to be done to get me in a better house than it is now."

Grants officials say construction should take place in the next few months for applicants who meet the grant's criteria. The Grants Department hopes to get an additional $200,000 to rehabilitate more homes.